How We Do it


Our belief is that the quality of our beer is the lifeblood of DSBC.  With that in mind we take only the finest ingredients, primarily sourced from the Delta, and use them to create beer that appeals to everyone.  The unifying impact of sharing a great quality beer is key to what we do and how we do it.

Hwy 61 Pilsner


A wonderful clean beer, Hwy 61 Pilsner is made just for those times when you don't want to think too hard about enjoying a great refreshing beer.  Just as Highway 61 is the traveling blues man's way to introduce the country to his sound, Hwy 61 Pilsner is the perfect intro to DSBC.

Toll Booth Amber


 Toll Booth Amber Ale is a perfect balance of malty goodness with just enough hops to make it oh so crisp.  The ideal beer for quenching your thirst after you've finished your back-roads ride at the end of the week. A nod to our mentor and all he gave to us.  Cheers, Tommy Two Tone!

Room 414 Pale Ale


 Room 414 is where it began for Robert Johnson.  It's the same for DSBC.  Room 414 Pale Ale is a spectacular Pale Ale with complex hops that deliver just right  before finishing clean.   A beer drinker's beer.  Pale Ale the Delta way!