The Delta

Delta Sunshine is about great beer, enjoyed with wonderful friends, in an environment that makes you feel happy, relaxed, and satisfied.  The Delta is that place for us. Whether it's  with the sun setting as you rest on the front porch after a long day or as the sun is rising after a full night of rocking blues in the Juke Joints.  Delta Sunshine means great beer, great friends, and great times.


The Blues

The core of our being.  Born in the Delta, Blessed by the Blues is who we are. Ringing guitars behind lyrics that pull at the fabric of society's best and most interesting qualities.  Music that makes you feel.  Music that makes you think. Music that makes you dance.  


The Feelings

Family.  Life long friendship.  New friendship.  The virtues of a long day's work.  Sitting on a river bank watching the sun rise, or set for that matter.  Hearing a familiar song you haven't heard in a while. Seeing a place you have missed.  Sharing a beer in all these situations.  Relaxed.  Comfortable.  Fun.  That's Delta Sunshine.

Our Folks

The Fearless Leader


Todd Paden envisioned DSBC long ago while getting his learn on in Montana.  Raised in the Delta with a deep love for the area and it's people, Todd keeps us all headed in the right direction.  A life spent enjoying great beer, forging relationships, and watching the Delta Sun set over the river has given him all the tools to make DSBC what it is today.

The Creator


Allison "Sunny" Higi came to beer almost on accident.  Since then, nothing she's done has been accidental.  With a storied career already taking her all over the US and into Southeast Asia, she jumped at the chance to join Todd and Nate in creating Delta Sunshine.

The Entertainer


Nate Carter has spent his life in the food-service industry.  Bartending, waiting tables, sales, management, training, all the things.  Known to never turn down an  adult beverage or the opportunity to tell a story. He could not miss the chance to create something fun that would have a positive impact on the world around us.  Also, he gets to share a beer and a story for a living.  Dream job, indeed.

Our Partner Causes

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


At DSBC we feel our efforts to give back should start at home.  St.Jude Children's Hospital is a wonderful charity providing for children in a manner that inspires us.  We support them with all we can.  Should you be able to do so, we would appreciate your generosity.  Every little bit helps a child and family in need.

Give freely at the link below.